Striving for Sustainability at Andover High School

April 23, 2022


Request a tree by March 23, 2022 to help offset Andover High School's paper usage

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A Message from Our Team

Hello! We are the Andover High School Environmental Club, and we are excited to be hosting our second Tree-Plenish event. Last year, we offset our school`s total paper usage of 2.5 million sheets per year by planting over 300 new trees in our community. We are looking forward to meeting our goal for this year, and with your help, we may even be able to surpass this goal! We have selected an amazing variety of species (Flowering Dogwood, American Sycamore, and Paper Birch) that are native to our area, and would make a lovely addition to any yard. Thank you for your support, and know that with any contribution, you are supporting a greener future! If you would like to donate your saplings to be planted at the local reservation, please select the "yes, I would like volunteers" option on the order form and write "reservation" as the address.

Our Goal





Sheets of Paper Replaced

How to Participate

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Order a sapling to be planted in your yard by volunteers on April 23, 2022.

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Volunteer to plant saplings around your community on April 23, 2022.

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Our 3 Trees

American Sycamore

American Sycamore

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Paper Birch

Paper Birch

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Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood

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Meet The Team

Contact us with any questions!

Eva McKone

AHS 2022, Environmental Club co-President

Courtney Duffy

AHS 2022, Environmental Club co-President

Sadie Rooney

AHS 2023, Environmental Club Vice President

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