Striving for Sustainability at Marquette Senior High School

May 13, 2022


Request a tree by April 13, 2022 to help offset Marquette Senior High School's paper usage

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A Message from Our Team

Hello Marquette Community! We are the lovely tree huggers of the Marquette Senior High Environmental club and we have an interesting proposition for you. First off, let us tell you a little bit about our club. As one can guess, we`re all nature lovers who focus on environmental issues affecting the community and come up with eco-friendly ideas to make our community greener. This includes the native plant sale, trash pickups, and, the subject of this conversation, the Tree Plenish Project. We are hosting a tree planting event with Tree Plenish to plant trees around the community in order to offset the amount of paper our school uses yearly. Now, in order for this event to be successful, we need cool humans like you to order saplings to be planted in your yard or volunteer to plant saplings around the community on the day of the event. The saplings we are offering are Northern Red Oak, Red Maple, and Quaking Aspen. Each sapling is $5. Our event will be held Friday, May 13. Our goal is to plant at least 140 saplings, so please, do our beautiful community a favor and volunteer or order saplings, and remember to go green!

Our Goal





Sheets of Paper Replaced

How to Participate

Order a Sapling

Order a sapling to be planted in your yard by volunteers on May 13, 2022.

Order a Sapling


Volunteer to plant saplings around your community on May 13, 2022.

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Our 3 Trees

Northern Red Oak

Northern Red Oak

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Red Maple

Red Maple

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Quaking Aspen

Quaking Aspen

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Meet The Team

Contact us with any questions!

Lily Dixon

Hi! My name is Lily Dixon, and I am representing the class of 2023. You can find me playing the standup bass in symphony orchestra or the electric bass in jazz band. I love to paint, draw, snowboard and aspire to have a career in environmental law. I try to find ways to spend my time outdoors and explore the natural beauty of the Upper Peninsula.

Katelyn Jasmin

I am a high school senior and a member of the environmental club. I am a movie buff, nature lover, and my favorite music is early 2000s indie.

Nistha Gautam

Hi my name is Nistha Gautam! I am a Junior and I love to play tennis, read, and garden. I am big on getting to know and appreciate this pretty world.

Mr. Stephen Atwood

Mr. Stephen Atwood is a science teacher at MSHS and the Environmental Club adviser. When not teaching I enjoy being with my family, playing guitar, and mountain biking.

Kaia Miller

I love to be outdoors whether playing tennis, walking my dogs, or going to the beach. I am also an avid reader and my favorite series is Harry Potter.

Ezra Pickard

My name is Ezra Pickard, I am a member of the Environmental Club at MSHS. I enjoy being outside in nature and helping out my community.

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