Striving for Sustainability at Olmsted Falls High School

May 7, 2022


Request a tree by April 7, 2022 to help offset Olmsted Falls High School's paper usage

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A Message from Our Team

Within the community in Olmsted Falls giving back to the environment is important to many of us. Several Olmsted Falls High School students and are using this as a project for their environmental science class. This event will allow us to plant new trees in order to balance out the amount of trees we have used for paper and many other things within the school. The goal of the event is to plant enough trees and saplings to offset the amount used at the school. How you can help: Members of the community can purchase saplings and have them planted by students OR pick them up from the high school. If you live outside of Olmsted Falls or Olmsted Township, but would still like to purchase a sapling you can do so, but you will have to pick up the sapling on the event date instead of having it planted. The date of sapling pick up or plant is May 7th 2022 Our sapling goal to offset paper use is 180 Sapling species options: Northeaster red oak or Eastern redbud

Our Goal





Sheets of Paper Replaced

How to Participate

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Order a sapling to be planted in your yard by volunteers on May 7, 2022.

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Volunteer to plant saplings around your community on May 7, 2022.

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Our 3 Trees

Red Maple

Red Maple

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Northern Red Oak

Northern Red Oak

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Eastern RedBud

Eastern RedBud

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Meet The Team

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Jessica Jones

Environmental Science Teacher at OFHS

Gavin Miner

I am excited to be a part of this project. When I heard about it, it interested me because I like being able to give back whenever I can. I am glad I can help plant trees to help the environment.� I am a senior at Olmsted falls highschool. I am doing this as a project for my environmental science class. I really hope this can help the environment and inspire other communities to try this out for themselves.�

Michelle Nickel

Junior at OFHS. I decided to join the Tree-Plenish project after Mrs. Jones sent an email out that piqued my interest. I thought it was a cool way to give back to our community, I mean how often do you get to go and actually plant a tree? It`s also a way to get service hours or �action project points� for one of the assignments in my environmental science class.

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