Striving for Sustainability at Weston High School Green Team

April 22, 2023


Order a sapling by March 22, 2023 to help offset Weston High School Green Team's energy consumption

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A Message from Our Team

We are the Weston High School Green Team and we are working with Tree-Plenish to offset our school's paper usage and plant trees in our community. Our club's goal is to promote sustainability and help the environment as much as we can.

Our Goal




tons of carbon replaced

How to Participate

Order a Sapling

Order a sapling to be planted in your yard by volunteers or picked up on April 22, 2023.

Order a Sapling


Volunteer to plant saplings around your community on April 22, 2023.

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Share this event around your community or donate to Tree-Plenish to help future events.

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Our 3 Trees

Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud

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Paper Birch

Paper Birch

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Red Maple

Red Maple

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Sapling Information

Saplings will come as bareroot saplings. This means they are dormant until they are planted and typically bloom 4-6 weeks after being planted. Here is an example of what bareroot saplings look like.

For more information about the saplings and for resources about how to plant and care for them, visit the Tree-Plenish Resource page.

Resource Page

Note: actual size of sapling varies by species and is listed on the order form

Meet The Team

Contact us with any questions!

Sahir Siddiqui

Hello, I am a senior and co-president of the club, in previous years I was able to help the Green Team by supporting events such as our tree-planting campaign last year. This year with my new position I hope to improve on our goals and help my community.

Ary Shresta

My name is Ary Shresta and I am on Weston High Schools' Green Team Board of Executives. I joined Green Team as a way to give back to my community, but this club has become a part of my identity. I am glad I have been given this opportunity to lead and manage sustainable initiatives at Weston High School. Think Green!

Aidan McCarthy

I joined Green Team this year because I had some more free time in my senior year and decided to put it towards what I care about. I look forward to supporting the good cause.

Jamie Semaya

I’m Jamie Semaya, one of the co-presidents of Weston’s Green Team! I love being part of an active, sustainability-minded community and am passionate about bettering the environment around us.

Allie Kurtz

Hi my name is Allie Kurtz and I joined green team at the beginning of this year. I think it’s important to support our local environment and being a member has been a great way for me to become more involved with our community and environmentally conscious.

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